• Dr. Donna Hargrove

HPV Is Preventable- Don't Wait

Updated: May 29, 2019

Research finds that Human Papillomavirus infection (HPV) rates are increasing in women

born after 1980 who did not receive the HPV vaccine. According to the CDC, half of all men

and women will acquire HPV in their lifetime which is why it is now recommended that all

women and men up to age 45 be vaccinated. The earlier the immunization process occurs

the more protection you’ll have! HPV causes cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers in

women; penile cancers in men; and oropharyngeal and anal cancers as well as genital warts

in both men and women and can be prevented with the vaccine. Although this very

important disease preventing vaccine is recommend by the Center for Disease Control and

prevention (CDC), not all insurance carriers may cover it. Contact your insurance carrier for

plan specific eligibility or contact your provider’s office for details.

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