Bren Ankrum and Donna Hargrove


Our Mission—Donna Hargrove D.O., FACOG – Nutritional Editor

CEO and Chef Bren Ankrum – Culinary Editor

Dr. Hargrove and I subscribe to the idea that nutritionally sound food choices create a solid foundation for improved overall health. We believe that whole foods are key to successful health improvement and maintenance. In particular, we believe, based on current cutting edge research, in using the model often referred to as the Mediterranean diet which has morphed into the new “plate” model pioneered by the Harvard School of Public Health which emphasizes a high intake of vegetables, a somewhat smaller proportion of whole grains, healthy protein and fruits. (See the model diagram here). Add to this healthy oils and water in our daily intake of foods and you have a complete nutrition package. Add additional movement, exercise, and we have the opportunity to enjoy a very healthy lifestyle.

We also believe in mindful eating and that nutritionally sound meals do not have to be boring, tasteless, and unappealing to the eye, nose, and mouth.We created this free site originally to share nutritional research, recipes that use whole foods, kitchen, cooking, and preparation skills along with some ideas on growing our own foods and improving our daily activity levels with the patient population of Dr. Hargrove’s medical practice, especially those with type II diabetes, those who wished to lose weight, or those that had an interest in how to make meals more interesting and healthy.

We now realize that the site has spilled over the banks and into the friends, neighbors, and families of the original patients. We want the site to be open to all and to encourage input from any and all, patients, physicians, lay persons, chef’s, or anyone that would like to share a great tasty healthy recipe, a fitness tip, nutritional research information, or other relevant information.Eventually, we would like the site to be a collaboration from a wide and varied group providing the type of information described above and be a “one-stop shopping” source for current nutritional research, recipes, fitness information, growing, and culinary techniques and twists.Rarely will an item in a recipe on our site be referred to by a brand name. If it is, you can believe that we have, to the best of ability found the product to be nutritionally sound, free of “false food” like “natural colorings”, etc., and GMO free.. This is a link to the article about that particular ingredient, which will provide you with nutritional values, research, and a brief history of the item and it’s various uses.