What is HRT (Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy)?

The HRT method is based on using hormones which are bio identical and the best delivery system, the insertion of hormones in pellet form. Bio-identical hormones are natural compounds that have the same molecular structure as those made by the human body. There are many studies that show the improvement of symptoms due to menopause by employing the HRT methodology.


Hormone therapies involve using small pellets, similar in size to a grain of rice, and are designed to be inserted quickly and painlessly under the skin. Once inserted, they begin to deliver the hormone to areas in need.

Bio Identical hormone pellets are produced to the highest industry pharmaceutical standards and are chemically identical to the human hormones they are designed to replace.


The pellets continue to deliver for 3 to 6 months and eliminate the need to remember to take a pill or smear on a cream.


How long has HRT pellet therapy been used?

Hormone pellet therapy, first developed and used in Austria in 1935, has been used successfully in the United States since 1939 to treat symptoms of menopause.


Why is HRT pellet therapy superior to pills, creams or synthetic pharmaceuticals?

Hormone deficiency, by the time a woman reaches menopause, has begun to cause many of your body’s systems to fail. Bones loose calcium, arteries deteriorate, blood pressure may increase to dangerous levels, and energy may be tremendously decreased.


Delivering the correct dose of hormones to your body, precisely when your body requires them is a very complex problem. Unfortunately, pills, patches or creams deliver imprecise amounts of hormones and they do not deliver them in a manner similar to how your body would.


Hormone pellets are inserted into the fatty tissue, allowing hormones to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream without having to penetrate the skin or through the digestive system. Your body will regulate how the pellets dissolve in the blood stream and the dose will be consistent and available as needed.

In addition, HRT pellet therapy has been shown in studies, to be superior to synthetic hormone replacement therapies in increasing bone density, decreasing menopausal symptoms, increasing sex drive and alleviating other symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


What are the symptoms of testosterone deficiency for women?

Difficulty Sleeping

Night sweats

Loss of energy

Loss of mental clarity

Loss of muscle mass

Loss of hair

Loss of bone mass

Dry Skin

Weight gain

Decreased exercise tolerance



Vaginal Dryness

Decreased sexual desire


What do I do if I have some or many of the symptoms listed above?

Book a consultation appointment for HRT at our office. If you decide to explore further, when the consultation is finished, a simple blood test drawn in our office will get you started. Once we receive the results we can evaluate your hormone levels and see if you are a candidate for HRT. If yes, then we will set up a treatment regimen designed to address your individual requirements and begin to alleviate your symptoms.





Hormone Pellet Therapy
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